McMillan Township
Luce County, Michigan

Our Location
McMillan Township offices are located at 405 Newberry Avenue, Newberry, MI.  On the corner of M123 and E. Truman Blvd, we are easily found in our downtown area.  If you wish to visit with our Township Supervisor, Clerk or Treasurer, please utilize the North ground level entrance to the lower floor.  Then turn right at the first doorway where you can speak to one of our Board of Directors.

Google Maps
We have provided two resourceful McMillan Township Hall Google Maps below.  You can view our exact location and area businesses.  You can "View larger map" and get directions from your home to the McMillan Township Hall located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  We have also included a satellite view of our location below that shows where we are in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

"McMillan Township is here for the citizens of McMillan Township, to encourage voter participation and make information readily available."—McMillan Township